More than 100 years working for the optimization of maritime development between Argentina and the rest of the world.

Centro de Navegación was founded on May 9th, 1900 by a group pf representatives of owners, led by Ship Agent Pedro Christophersen, in order to go with the progress and development of maritime transport, as in and out via of goods.

The entity’s original name was “Centro de Navegación Transatlántica”. Then, after expanding its competence in different modes of navigation and its action in all ports within the country, its members adopted the current name, which represents all water transport and related activities.

In the course of its trajectory, it has developed a deep and intense activity in order to improve the quality of services that shall simplify navigation and ports operation, in the interests of foreign trade of the nation, together with the constant evolution of the regulatory, technical and operational framewaork of shipping industry.

The Ship Agent’s profession has undregone important changes in recent years as a result of increased responsibility towards the adoption of new laws and regulations, both within the national and international order. Considering new challenges, the Centro implemented the quality program Fonasba Quality Standard, which reflects the reality of Ship Agents’ work.

Over the years, the search for a more professional service of Ship Agents led to the creation of the Centro de Estudios en Comercio Marítimo Internacional (CECMI), which develops an intense training activity by means of courses and seminars supporting members’ needs.

Internationally, Centro de Navegación has expanded its presence in the main chambers within the sector, becoming member of the Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents (FONASBA), BIMCO and the Cámara interamericana de Asociaciones Nacionales de Agentes Marítimos.

Centro de Navegación
537 Florida st, 20th Floor, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ph. +54 11 3220 1777