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Legal and operative regime of the customs transport agent.


This course is designed to address the most important topics of the program to take the exam to obtain the registration as Customs Transport Agent and General Agents of Customs Transport Agent.

It is taught by professionals with wide professional experience and academic background in customs legal regime, customs litigation and customs operations, who will give the classes explaining clearly and in a practical way, the central and difficult topics of the program.

The course is intended for the student to complement the compulsory reading with the classes, and to better understand the central concepts to be taken, eliminating any doubts he/she may have in order to be better prepared to take the corresponding exam before AFIP.

The proposal contemplates that the student reads and brings the doubts to the teacher, so that, chatting directly with him, a fireback is generated as the course progresses and the student can take the corresponding exam with a better preparation.

  • To develop the central and/or difficult concepts of the ATA program.
  • To provide the attendees with an accompaniment that allows them to be better prepared for the examination of the customs legal regime and customs operations.
Addressed to

Any professional or person related to foreign trade, who intends and meets the requirements to take the examination to obtain the registration as Customs Transport Agent and General Agents of Customs Transport Agent.


Methodology: Distance learning classes, with the assistance of virtual media and active participation of the student.

Material: Prior to the classes, students will be able to access the virtual portal to download the presentations and complementary material to be used in the course.

Evaluation: At the end of the course, there will be a “Multiple choice” evaluation to review the contents of the course.
Academic Certificate: At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued to each participant who has completed at least 75% of class attendance.